It is essential to know well your destination and environment before doing business in a foreign land While you have business in Spain our services are designed to assist you along your journey with trust and commitment
The trade mission. Destination: Spain Before take-off Planning the business mission and making a surveillance flight   It is essential to know your destination and business environment well before landing. Hundreds of euros and dollars are wasted because of ignoring a country’s idiosyncrasies when implementing a business plan. Many trade missions in a foreign country fail for not taking into account simple factors such as the weather, language barriers, customs and laws, the media, regional differences, political rivalries... in short, to ignore the local people and social context. A marketing plan that doesn’t take into account these variables is not only incomplete, it’s also a high risk flight. Therefore, prior knowledge of the surroundings and its particularities are essential to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the trade mission. In Spain, for example, there are substantial and important differences between doing business in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao or Seville.
The trade mission: destination Spain
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We will help you throughout these processes and guide you step by step from the beginning. We can advise you in two different and complementary ways: Before travelling to Spain, providing valuable market research reports you may need to assess opportunities and risks, which will help you take the best decisions. In your first and subsequent trips to Spain, paving the way and guiding and helping you during the entire implementation process. While you have business in Spain and for as long as you deem necessary, our services are designed to assist your along your journey. Taking off. With your seat belt well fastened Flying over the Spanish territory In order to build up a consistent business plan, there are important strategic and marketing issues to be covered. In summary, we identify the following variables and needs: Identifying the territory (ethnographic and social marketing):    • Customs and differences between regions and the autonomous communities, languages, national and local holidays, business and working hours, etc. • Laws, policies, regulations, insurance, permits, customs, at national and local levels (regions, autonomous regions, municipalities, neighborhoods). • Geographic, demographic and economic information; natural and artificial barriers, populations, inhabitants, transport and communications, income per capita, GDP (gross domestic product), etc.   Identifying the contents (strategic and conceptual marketing): • Internet, sector portals, websites, digital signage, online advertising and platforms. • National, regional and local TV and radio channels. • Social media and networking. Presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. • The national and local newspapers, political orientation, geographic distribution, etc. • The technical and specialized trade press. • Fairs and events, both national and local. • Institutions, chambers of commerce, associations and professional groups. • Fairgrounds, hotels, congress halls, auditoriums, stadiums, museums, etc. • Customer and supplier databases. Smooth landing. Taking care of your business once landed. Identifying the native population (network marketing):                                                
Equal work or service can be done with the same quality but with very different budgets. It is also crucial to work with the best and most reliable vendors and suppliers, whether it’s for a specific, intermittent or permanent service. • Identify the top and best national and local suppliers (supplies, commodities, services, etc.). • Negotiate the best terms and contracts (delivery deadlines, insurance, payment conditions, quality control, etc.). • Develop an efficient distribution, transport and logistics (eg. a multinational courier is efficient between countries, but not delivering within the city). • Provide at least three quotes for the same service or product (there can be very significant differences between companies offering the same product or service). Once landed: contact with your local guide in Spain Trust and commitment. Helping you manage the business A trusted local expert guide assisting you in this process will avoid many problems and setbacks. Have in mind that in Spain only 23% of people speak fluent English and this may mean a serious communication problem. A good understanding with the citizens is essential for building a strong company in the native land. The other pillar is to accurately identify customers and to know when and how to target them. If you intend to settle in Spain, a trusted guide committed to you is the best guarantee for your company and the key to success. And if you do not speak Spanish and/or English fluently, through a translator we can overcome this obstacle without any problems.