It is essential to know well your destination and environment before doing business in a foreign land While you have business in Spain our services are designed to assist you along your journey with trust and commitment
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Events & Trade is a company specialized in designing the best welcome conditions for foreign companies wishing to do business in Spain. 1. Personal guiding during your stay in the Spanish territory 2. Control, monitoring and maintenance of your business in Spain 3. Development of the marketing and communication strategy plan tailored to   the needs of your company 4. Development of specific market researches 5. Search and location of physical environments for events and business (venues, conventions, shops, stores, warehouses, etc.) 6. Planning and management of commercial and institutional visits and meetings (to businesses, factories, industries, institutions, municipalities, governments, consulates, etc.) 7. Search, identification and management with key suppliers and providers (comparison of at least three budgets) Through our partners and associates: 1. Economic and financial advice (banking conditions, financing, etc.) 2. Customs clearance and international freight forwarder (shipping, ground and air transportation, special goods, etc.) 3. Legal and taxes advice (contracts, laws and legislation, taxes, insurances, etc.)