With a long and complex history, Spain is a mosaic of cultures, languages ​​and customs. With a population of 47 million and 19 autonomous communities, Spain has a unique cultural and social diversity in Europe. Each region has its own idiosyncrasies -Catalonia, Euskadi, Galicia, Andalusia, Castile-Leon, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands- where different languages ​​are spoken besides Spanish: Catalan, Euskera, Galician, Aranes, etc. Each region has different climates - Mediterranean, Atlantic, subtropical, desert- and different cuisines: our famous paella Valenciana, the Andalusian gazpacho, Catalan bread with tomato, Madrid style tripe (callos a la madrileña). Spain is a country full of contrasts and diversity. To come to Spain is to embrace a blending of races, cultures and traditions within the Spanish state itself.
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Spain has 504,645 km ², the fourth largest country in the European continent.
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We are the 12th world economy in terms of GDP. The third country in the world receiving foreign tourism, 57 million in 2011.
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The main imports are: mineral fuels and lubricants,machinery and transport equipment, petrol, manufactured goods, food, alive animals and chemicals.
The main exports are: machinery and transport equipment, food and live animals, motor vehicles, iron and steel, textiles and garment.
The second country in the world with World Heritage monuments, over 50 (Unesco).
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